"The Much" - Leather Valet by Rogue Journeymen w/ 2 Charcoal Masks

Regular price $29.00

This catchall rests near your front door, an attractive leather home for all of your odds and ends. 
  • Handmade in Topanga, CA by Rogue Journeymen
  • DIMENSIONS - 7" square by 2" deep
  • COLOR - Molasses brown leather
  • LIMITED OFFER - Each purchase comes with 2 Charcoal Masks
Phone, wallet, Braddock mask…keys? Everyone has been in that awful situation, running late to a dinner party or new job and you simply can’t find your only set of car keys. 

Why not leave your worries at the door, and leave your keys in “The Much”. 

This Valet tray was crafted by Bike Mechanics who are constantly misplacing nuts and bolts and needed some help staying organized. 

Simple and Elegant, The Much is constructed out of a smooth yet rugged Molasses brown leather, antique brass rivets, and striking white thread.