7 Ways Braddock is Disrupting the Mask Industry

Posted by Joe Reynolds on

Designed to do things differently

We’re living in unprecedented times. There’s a whole new playbook on how to keep yourself and others safe, and we all have to do our part to get through this challenging time together. 

Fortunately, Braddock has joined the fight against coronavirus by creating comfortable, machine-washable, eco-friendly face covers.

But what makes Braddock Face Covers special? Check out how they do it below, then get yourself some today!

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7 Ways Braddock is Disrupting the Mask Industry

1. They’re soft and comfortable

Our face covers are cut from premium t-shirt material that’s made to feel good on skin. Our soft cotton blend gently forms around the face, offering functional breathability that no matter the situation.

2. They’re machine washable

Unlike disposable masks, our Daily Face Covers are machine washable, meaning you get multiple wears out of a single mask. This is not only more eco-friendly, but a more cost-effective approach to your safety!

3. They’re made with up-cycled shirt material

Our up-cycled mask-making process means nothing goes to waste. We're committed to using existing fabric from local suppliers, and cutting and sewing in a way that eliminates our footprint.

4. They start shipping in two business days

We’ve found that almost every business supplying masks is scrambling to ship them within a couple weeks! At Braddock, we’ve completely retooled our factory and supply chain to guarantee all orders are to the post office in two business days. You can’t beat that.

5. They help you stay protected

Studies show that cotton-blend fabrics are one of the most effective materials for homemade masks. These are not a replacement for high grade surgical masks and are not proven to prevent transmission of diseases overall. However, they are compliant with local and state regulations and help keep you and those around you safer.

6. They’re priced fairly

No price-gouging here. Unlike competitors trying to make a quick buck, we’ve priced our Daily Face Covers at value. You shouldn’t have to pay a fortune to stay protected!

7. Purchasing is a donation towards the production of more!

Every sale allows us to create more for the people in our community and beyond. We’ve also collaborated with GetPPE.org and donate a portion of all sales to communities and businesses in need!

Braddock Daily Face Covers are available in 2-packs up to 50-packs! Order yours today.